3 Natural Remedies To Cure Temporomandibular Joint Pain (TMJ)

Natural remedies for TMJ are great as they alleviate pain without any need for pain medication. The mandible is the biggest bone on the face and supports the lower teeth too. They move on hard tissue and when the jaw is misaligned due to a bad bite or trauma it can result in TMJ.

Jaw exercises

Jaw exercises are important for tmj as they minimize pain on the jaw gradually. You can move the jaw to the right and wait for 10 seconds. You can then return back to the middle and move your jaw for another 10 seconds. You can move your jaw back to the center and wait for a while again. You can repeat these exercises 5 times. You can also use your index finger to trace the jaw hinge and gently massage the muscles downwards with your finger. You can also repeat it on the left side. You can even try opening the mouth wide as possible in a manner which you do not feel any pain at all. You can then move the tongue on the roof of your jaw forwards and backwards. Keep doing this in 10 second intervals. Keep stretching your jaw as far as possible. The last exercise is sitting in a straight position and moving the chin up and down. You can stop and then move it again to the side. Keep repeating it but make sure you do not sprain your neck in the process. Try yawning as much as possible too as this will open up your jaw wide. Keep repeating it twice in a row. The temporomandibular disorder can greatly be reduced by simple exercises but make sure you practice them every day.

Relaxation exercises

Relaxation exercises can help the spinal cord and nervous system in a great way. You must sit erect and keep your fingers together so that both your hands are placed behind your head. Then gently press on your head while your hands move backwards. Remember not to press too hard. Repeat 2-5 times, twice a day so that your spinal cord will be relaxed. You can also try sitting up straight with your head towards the ceiling. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Try taking deep breathes by lying down on your back. Place your hand on the stomach and hand on the chest. You can try breathing slowly so that the air moves down to your belly. Meditation and yoga are great for your too so try jogging and cycling.

Eating organic vegetables and fruits

Eating habits keep your body hydrated too. Dehydration can cause cramps in the neck and mandibular area. If you do not drink enough water it can worsen the TMJ syndrome so try drinking at least 8 glasses of water. You can try drinking at least 2 glasses of water every two hours too.

Remember to seek alternative treatments for your joint pain if you have any. It might be a lot better than oral pain medication.