Benefits of Myotherapy as an Alternative Treatment Technique


Patients suffering from nagging back and neck pains or muscle and joint stiffness should consider visiting a myotherapy clinic. Myotherapy involves the assessment, treatment and pain management when soft tissue injuries occur. Soft tissue injuries are caused by damage to the myofascia. This is the tissue covering that surrounds muscle and bone in the body. It runs from head to toe and is strong but flexible. The normal state is when it is relaxed and can stretch and move about without restrictions. However, when there is physical trauma, the tissue and muscle covering losses the pliability and flexibility. It can become tight and restricted, and this results in pain and tension throughout the body. Here are some of the symptoms of soft tissue injuries.

Symptoms to look out for are stiffness in the joints, nagging pains in various parts of the body, numbness and muscle tightening. Sore spots in various muscle joints called trigger points can also occur. The pins and needles, tingling sensation and constant tiredness are other symptoms.

A myotherapy session is just like any other chiropractic treatment session. First, the myotherapist starts by asking the patient questions about their medical history. The patient will do well to ask their physicians for their previous records. If they have been treated for injuries, then they should carry x-ray pictures and a record of any medication they might be taking. The myotherapist should keep all this information in confidence, and used in the determination of the cause of the soft tissue injury symptoms. For alternative treatments for various body pains, just visit this page

Myotherapy must be performed by a specialist who is qualified in the detection and treatment of problems. They use various massage therapies like Thai massage in Melbourne, as well as a wide range of other techniques. A myotherapist does muscle stretching, dry needling or acupuncture, the application of pressure to trigger points, and various muscle energy techniques. Other examples include passive stretching, which involves the movement of the affected body part of the body in its motion range. They also do cupping and TENS. A typical session will last up to one hour long. Patients should expect to have their pain relieved within three sessions or so.

The success of myotherapy depends on both the patient and their practitioner. A huge part of myotherapy involves explanation of various changes that the patient has to do themselves at home. The job of the myotherapist is to explain in great detail the patient’s specific condition. They will then recommend do-it-yourself procedures like the use of ice packs and heat. Some stretches and exercises can also be done at home. The myotherapist might also recommend lifestyle and dietary changes. From the initial consultation, they may also help with changes in lifestyle that might be contributing to the condition, like poor posture or overtraining in sports injuries. They also design and implement pain management programs in chronic diseases situations like cancer and arthritis. Other conditions that can be treated successfully using myotherapy include muscle spasms, strains and sprains, lower back pains, wry neck, tendonitis, golfer’s elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Mask Away To Sleep

A serious sleep disorder, Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is characterized by sleep disruptions caused when the airways collapse or get blocked, during sleep. During such an episode, the lack of enough oxygen sends a signal to the brain to jolt you out of sleep in order to facilitate the opening of the airways and allow normal breathing. Most people with sleep apnoea snore loudly.Their breathing may be laboured and noisy, and often interrupted with snorting and gasping. The repeated sleep disruptions can result in daytime fatigue and weakness.

OSA is treatable, and there are many treatment options to reduce the symptoms. For milder condition, lifestyle changes are recommended. Weight loss, cutting down on alcohol and smoking and exercising regularly are a few changes that can be incorporated in daily lives to prevent apnoea. For moderate to severe cases, reliable devices such as CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) help in alleviating the symptoms. You can buy these CPAP masks online as many retailers offer this device in a wide variety. For more severe cases, surgery may be recommended.

Many retailers offer a wide variety of CPAP masks online. The mask is connected to tubing that is attached to the CPAP machine and delivers a continuous air pressure to keep the airways unblocked and prevent apnoeas to occur. It is vital that the mask is comfortable to wear and provide an adequate seal for the proper airflow. An optimal air pressure cannot be reached if the fit is incorrect.

Common mask related complaints are that they are uncomfortable, their straps are awkward, and the feel is claustrophobic. The maximum benefit from a CPAP device can be achieved with a constant drive to get used to the paraphernalia. CPAP masks available online offer customised options to suit individual needs. They come in different shapes and sizes. The CPAP masks are typically categorised into 3 types: Nasal pillows, Nasal masks and Full-face mask. Nasal pillows are the smallest of the CPAP masks and designed to have the least amount of contact with the face. The user inserts two small flexible pieces directly into the nostrils. Nasal masks are the most popular among users. The mask covers only the nose leaving the month uncovered. The full face mask covers the entire face (the mouth and the nose) at the same time. This type is ideal for mouth breathers.

An oral mask is also available for moth breathers who feel uncomfortable with the headgear and chin straps. Gel masks are a recent innovation in the ever emerging CPAP technology. These pliable masks can be adjusted according to the user needs. In response to the growing rate of sleep disorders, the CPAP manufacturers are constantly innovating to make the masks more comfortable.

How to Live A Healthy Life

We lead such busy lifestyles that most of our lives have begun to run at a rapid speed. We have got caught to living fast paced lives that one of the most common needs of many of us is to seek convenience in everything. We have neglected our health in the process of looking for convenience. We have begun to consume really unhealthy fast foods due to the lack of time we have to prepare nutritious food. We tend to use machines to do simple tasks that we used to do before. For an example many use elevators and escalators instead of taking the stairs. As a result we have become more prone to sicknesses. If you wish to live a healthy lifestyle there are many things you can do to make a difference. You can start by taking simple steps to live a healthy lifestyle.

Eating the right kinds of food is very important. Avoid fast food as much as you can. Include a lot of vegetables and fruits in your daily meals. Eating healthy food can have a real positive effect on your life and you can begin to feel healthy and stronger. You need to make regular visits to your doctor and dentist. Many people are under the impression that you visit a doctor only when you are sick and in need of treatment. In reality if you do regular body checkups you can avoid many negative health conditions. Dental health plays a lot of role when it comes to a healthy life, smiling regularly sets a better mood for the day. If you don’t have a great smile because of poor teeth, you can go to your dentist and get a Melbourne snap on smile

You need to also take very special care of your oral health. Many people neglect going to the dentist often. If you make regular appointments you can have healthy teeth and avoid many oral problems as well. You should avoid smoking and consuming alcohol as much as possible. They can cause hazardous health conditions. Especially if you wish to live a healthy life you need to avoid all such unhealthy habits that can cause many serious diseases.

When you choose to live healthy you cannot ignore the importance of regular exercise. People of all ages need to be engaging in physical exercise. Going to the gym or having a personal trainer can be really beneficial for you. Exercising makes you stronger and healthier. It improves mobility and flexibility too. It is important that you do regular exercise. If you have any physical ailment a personal trainer can assist you in choosing the right type of exercises for your condition. Engaging in sports can be a really good thing for many of us. Not only does it provide you with the necessary exercise it also improves your health. Engaging in sports can have definite physical health benefits as well as improve one’s mental health as well.