Steps to Guaranteeing that Your Baby Stays Healthy from Conception to Delivery


The period of pregnancy from the day you conceive to the day you deliver your baby can be a very emotional and special time of your life. As you prepare to witness the miracle of life, it is very important that you do everything you can to stay healthy while paying close attention to the health of your baby. Here are a few ways to make sure that you and your baby remain safe and sound right throughout your pregnancy;

Frequent Visits to the Doctor

You need to seek proper medical guidance and attention if you are to get through your pregnancy well and deliver your baby successfully. Find a good obstetrician and gynaecologist who will take and provide you with the knowledge and advice you need. There are several tests and scans you need to do at different stages of your pregnancy in order to ensure that your baby is growing the way it should and that your body is in good health. Frequent check-ups will ensure that any problems or complications are detected at their early phases so that they can be dealt with soon to avoid any unfavourable outcomes.

Proper Nutrition and Regular Exercise

It is vital that you receive a proper diet as an expecting mum. Right from the first trimester of your pregnancy, you must pay close attention to what you eat and drink. Consult your obstetrician in Eastern Suburbs to find out how to alter your usual diet to include more protein and vitamins in your daily meals. Too much sugar can be a bit dangerous as high blood sugar can lead to complications during the delivery, so watch your sugar count. It is quite normal to have cravings while you are expecting and it is alright to eat your heart out as long as you pay attention to the nutritional value of the food you eat. It is equally important to exercise regularly while you are expecting to ensure a smoother and less painful delivery. Exercise will help you strengthen your body in preparation for labour and the physically taxing months ahead. 

Put a Stop to the Harmful Stuff

In ensuring the good health of yourself and your baby, it is very important to give up on things which can cause harm such as smoking and consumption of alcohol. It has not been determined as to how much alcohol is tolerable during pregnancy as there are many adverse effects of it such as the possibility of a miscarriage, birth defects, delayed growth of the baby and learning-related issues later on. So it is best to avoid alcoholic beverages altogether during pregnancy and even during the period of breastfeeding. Smoking is also known to result in harmful effects such as premature birth, cot death, low weight of the baby at birth and a slowed down development process. It is also advisable to cut back on stimulants such as caffeine for the time span of your pregnancy.

Are Colored Lenses An Effective Solution For Dyslexia?

Matters related to eye problems should be dealt very cautiously because eyes are vital parts of our body. Hence, eye problems must be dealt carefully.

Dyslexia can be caused by vision issues. If your child is suffering from dyslexia, you will always look out for better assistance for your child to reduce his eye problems. A child suffering from dyslexia, the best way to reduce his eye problems is to use dyslexia coloured lenses.

A child suffering from dyslexia faces complexity in properly dispensing and accommodating things what he sees. His vision is quite multifaceted as both his eyes have two similar dispensing systems, which should be balanced. Both the eyes should work together so that the child could read properly. If the eyes cannot process properly, then the child will face problems of blurriness, double words or pages, headaches, slow reading speed and understanding and eyestrains. Dyslexia coloured lenses can help in reducing these problems.

These lenses can help your child in reducing his eye defects to a great extent. If your child uses these contact lenses the blurriness and indistinctness of the eyes will be removed instantly. Related problems like headaches, queasiness and tiredness will vanish. Consequently, your child’s eye problems will disappear. These contact lenses have helped many children to overcome their eyes difficulties significantly. Viewing through blue or aqua colored lenses has helped many children to read properly. An eye specialist will conduct dyslexia color test on child’s eyes and will prescribe which colored contact lenses will suit his eyes better. Nowadays, color treatment glasses are available, so any kind of lenses can easily be tinted to any color of your child’s desire.

You can get your non-prescribed glasses colored in whatever color you desire such as, yellow, orange, red, aqua, green, indigo, blue, purple, pink or rose. This is less expensive and you can get the same results. Yellow filters provide higher contrast because the magnum cells receives contrast from two types of cones, red and green cones, which are excellently encouraged by yellow light.

This helps the child to read properly.

Blue filters encourage a certain type of cell in the eye which is vital for controlling your daily rhythms. The brain’s hypothalamus which acts as a clock is activated by wearing blue lenses. The retinal cells are very active to blue light and start functioning and communicating with the hypothalamus properly. This helps the child to read properly and to sleep well. It reduces stomach aches and headaches too. The child will sleep in the proper time at night and will be awakened in the correct time in the morning. It removes many difficulties of the child. Therefore, treat the dyslexia of your child by providing him or her with appropriate colored contact lenses.