How Diabetes Home Tests Make Your Life Easier

If you are a diabetic, did you think a few check-ups per year at the doctor would be adequate? Well, you may want to think twice. Diabetes is a disease that should be taken care of seriously. While visiting the doctor for formal diabetes testing and also preventive testing such as eye test and cholesterol check-ups, it is important to always have an idea of your sugar levels. This may not require regular visits to the doctor as you can do your tests right at the comfort of your home. That is, by Diabetes Home Testing.

This self-monitoring technique can be used for any type of diabetes such as type 1, type 2, prediabetes and even when you are showing symptoms of diabetes. Also it will help to keep you away from any diabetic complications such as diabetic coma, eye disease, gum disease, kidney and nerve damage etc.
Maintaining your daily sugar level will help you stay away from these unnecessary complications.

A regular diabetic test kit will include a lancet which is a little needle, a lancet device to hold the needle safely, test strips, a glucose meter, portable cases and also cords to download your past data and store them so that you can refer analyze your results in future. Make sure to get the best blood glucose meter to avoid any misreadings so that you can get the best result.

You must consult your doctor to know which part of your body you should take blood from. Fingers are the most common and accurate place but some doctors allow thigh and arm testing too. Taking a diabetes home test is a very simple process. First, you should wash your hands and insert the lancet into the lancet device. Then place a new test strip on the glucose meter. Get your blood sample and put a droplet on the strip. If u you have purchased the best blood glucose meter, it will give you accurate results. Doctors recommend 3 or 4 tests per day before and after meals, for patients who use insulin.

Diabetes home tests have the feature of storing your test results. Always keep track of them and analyze them so that you have a daily count and also you can measure your success in maintaining blood sugar at the required level. Blood glucose charts are essential in tracking your results. It will methodically arrange all the details such as date, dosage, the food you ate, your sugar levels and other important information.

These home tests make your life much easier and safer. Do make it a point to visit your doctor for the regular tests as you cannot replace medical tests with home tests. Doctor’s close supervision is very much needed when using your diabetes home tests so do not miss your doctor’s appointments.