A Chance To Fill Younger: Dermal Fillers

A relatively new way to get surgery-like results without actually having surgery is through the use of dermal fillers. These are, essentially, injections that go underneath the skin in order to rid the face of wrinkles, or to make the face become more full, or can even be used to alter the shape of the nose, chin and jaw. These injections are more meticulous than other forms of cosmetic procedures and as such they can get more precise with what their particularly focusing on eliminating or augmenting. They are able to change the shapes of faces due to their properties in making the face fuller. However, it should be noted that these injections are not a permanent solution, meaning that the face will return to its original state. For many people, this can be seen as a safety net. Often people hear the horror stories of cosmetic surgery gone wrong, where nothing can undo the irreplaceable damage. While this is not true of all cosmetic surgeries, it can be a very scary and very real possibility. The safety net with these injections is that, should anything go wrong with them, they can easily be removed through melting them with another liquid.

As a general rule, only one needle is needed per year. The procedure itself is relatively quick and painless. The initial step is to have the part of the face targeted and mapped out, to ensure the professional undertaking the procedure knows exactly where to insert the injection. They will then proceed to clean both the area and the needle. Some people request a numbing cream be applied to the area, and if this is the case, it will be done at this stage. For those who do not feel a numbing cream is enough, there is always the option of going under local anesthetic. This anesthetic is usually in the very same needle as the cosmetic needle. The needle is then injected into the marked area. Once the formula is under the surface of the skin, it is rubbed. This process is then repeated however many times the professional sees fit. After this stage, the area is cleaned up and ice is applied to the injected area.

As it is a relatively straight forward procedure, it can take anywhere from a mere fifteen minutes to a full hour, depending on the exact type of cosmetic work being done. Once it is completed, it will take a few days till heal. Usually, the affects that are noticeable immediately after the procedure are swelling and redness and in some cases, bruising.

The procedure itself is not a permanent solution. It can last for a minimum of four months to a maximum of one year. Evidently, the more the procedure is done, the longer it will last, although it is not cost efficient. The lowest price is in the mid hundreds whereas the highest price is in the low thousands.