Mask Away To Sleep

A serious sleep disorder, Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is characterized by sleep disruptions caused when the airways collapse or get blocked, during sleep. During such an episode, the lack of enough oxygen sends a signal to the brain to jolt you out of sleep in order to facilitate the opening of the airways and allow normal breathing. Most people with sleep apnoea snore loudly.Their breathing may be laboured and noisy, and often interrupted with snorting and gasping. The repeated sleep disruptions can result in daytime fatigue and weakness.

OSA is treatable, and there are many treatment options to reduce the symptoms. For milder condition, lifestyle changes are recommended. Weight loss, cutting down on alcohol and smoking and exercising regularly are a few changes that can be incorporated in daily lives to prevent apnoea. For moderate to severe cases, reliable devices such as CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) help in alleviating the symptoms. You can buy these CPAP masks online as many retailers offer this device in a wide variety. For more severe cases, surgery may be recommended.

Many retailers offer a wide variety of CPAP masks online. The mask is connected to tubing that is attached to the CPAP machine and delivers a continuous air pressure to keep the airways unblocked and prevent apnoeas to occur. It is vital that the mask is comfortable to wear and provide an adequate seal for the proper airflow. An optimal air pressure cannot be reached if the fit is incorrect.

Common mask related complaints are that they are uncomfortable, their straps are awkward, and the feel is claustrophobic. The maximum benefit from a CPAP device can be achieved with a constant drive to get used to the paraphernalia. CPAP masks available online offer customised options to suit individual needs. They come in different shapes and sizes. The CPAP masks are typically categorised into 3 types: Nasal pillows, Nasal masks and Full-face mask. Nasal pillows are the smallest of the CPAP masks and designed to have the least amount of contact with the face. The user inserts two small flexible pieces directly into the nostrils. Nasal masks are the most popular among users. The mask covers only the nose leaving the month uncovered. The full face mask covers the entire face (the mouth and the nose) at the same time. This type is ideal for mouth breathers.

An oral mask is also available for moth breathers who feel uncomfortable with the headgear and chin straps. Gel masks are a recent innovation in the ever emerging CPAP technology. These pliable masks can be adjusted according to the user needs. In response to the growing rate of sleep disorders, the CPAP manufacturers are constantly innovating to make the masks more comfortable.