One Of the Best Home Based Remedies for Tooth Care


Who does not wish to posses sparkling white teeth? When you have sparkling white teeth, they will be able to broaden your smile and at the same time they will also contribute to give you a magnetic personality. It is however advisable to go with home remedies than using medicated products to get back the color of your teeth. Home remedies are safer and cheaper.

Here are some Teeth whitening remedies which are home based:

1. Floss Your Teeth: Some people find it difficult to floss their teeth when compared with brushing. However, as a home remedy the dentists consider flossing to be more important than brushing. In order to obtain the best results you should floss twice daily.

2. Eat Strawberries: Strawberries help to whiten your teeth as they are laced with an enzyme which is known as malic acid and vitamin C. By eating strawberries they aid in whitening of the teeth as they help to remove the surface stains. On the other hand vitamin C helps to wash away the plaque. If you mash a few strawberries and brush your teeth with the mixture once or twice a week can have positive results.

3. Lemon Peel and Juice: Lemon is considered to be another type of fruit which is also an effective teeth whitener due to the presence of a high acid level which is there in the peel of the lemon. This works as a bleaching agent or even as a powerful whitener. You can either rub the lemon peel to your teeth.

4. Lemon and Baking Soda: As a home remedy using baking soda and lemon is an excellent teeth whitening home remedy. The reason for this is that baking soda’s chemical reaction along with the citrus of lemon juice will have a smile-brightening effect. When you brush with this solution up to once per week, it can produce the desired results.

5. Banana Peel: Banana is a type of fruit which has lots of important nutrients for your body. A banana peel should not be considered to be a waste. Now rub the banana peels for two minutes. After brushing for fifteen minutes you can brush your teeth with the help of your normal toothpaste. You should repeat the process at least thrice a week. You will get the due results in some time. A banana peel can help to whiten teeth since the banana peels contain minerals such as manganese, potassium and magnesium and these penetrate into the teeth so as to whiten them.

These home remedies are harmless and best of all inexpensive and would provide you with beneficial results. You can inculcate them in your daily activities for best results.