Why You Should Boycott The Flu Injection?

When the autumn season arrives it is when the increase in medical posters arise informing and insisting people to get vaccinated as a prevention from contagious types of flu. It is that time of the year when people not only get ready for the holidays with their pumpkin spices and all sort of fragrant food, people line up at their nearby medical center or hospital to get themselves vaccinated. However there are many who argue on this fact that flu is not a season and it can be contracted at any time of the year. It merely does not have to be during the fall or winter period. Hence majority of the people are questioning the authenticity and the actual necessity of obtaining this vaccine that is only advertised during a specific time of the year. Older generation debate on the fact that they have outlived many kinds of flu without been vaccinated for the same, therefore the demand for this vaccine is just overrated. Most people chose to against this type of vaccine once they have done all the needed research, and here is what we found out.

Vaccine contains ingredients that are unhealthy for the body

What they don’t say in these flu vaccination services is the kind of ingredients used to manufacture this product. The ingredients used to create this liquid solution is downright harmful to our body and really not required for our health.

These are not hidden by any flu vaccination services in Sydney the list of ingredients are freely viewable in CDC websites. From phenoxyethanol which is the subject to cause various side effects in the human body, to aluminum, to Ammonium Sulfate, to Formalin and more other kinds of harmful items that compound to create the anti-flu vaccine.

What is listed is quite disgusting by itself and many chose to battle with the flu than purposely getting such ingredients injected to their body. Sources claim to believe that the flu injection is nothing but a gamble with only 1.5 out of 100 people are expected to be safe from contracting any kind of flu. With this ratio many people are more than glad to expect the consequences of dealing with the flu than suffering with the side effects of the ingredients that make up the vaccine.

Here is what you need to do instead

Have a healthy diet that make up of all the needed nutrients to your body. Nourishing food is the number one item needed to make up a healthy immune system that will ward off any virus from entering your body.